This Season, Bite Bugs Back.

Mosquito, Flea, and Tick Control in 
Massillon, Navarre, Brewster, and Canal Fulton, OH

Mosquitos, fleas and ticks are not only a nuisance but a summer health hazard in Massillon, Navarre, Brewster and Canal Fulton. These summer pests carry many diseases. The mosquito spreads the Zika Virus, West Nile Virus, Encephalitis and even Heartworm in pets. Fleas and Ticks can be just as serious. They enter your home on pets and spread Lyme Disease, Rocky Mountain Fever and other tick borne illnesses.

Our pest fighting experts offer top of the line services to control mosquitoes, fleas and ticks. We will put down a barrier spray that is proven to quickly kill and repel mosquitoes and many other biting insects. You can enjoy summer activities without bug spray or citronella candles.

Residential Pest Treatments

With a variety of Residential Pest Control Services, including 21 Day Barrier Sprays, All Natural Barrier Sprays, One-Time Barrier Sprays, and more, we can analyze your unique needs and provide you with a superior pest treatment plan to take care of them.

Commercial Pest Treatments

Along with Residential Pest Treatments, we also provide Commercial Pest Control Services. Whether you need treatment for your restaurant patio or day care center playground, we are here to make sure your business is protected from fleas, ticks, and mosquitos this season.

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Located in Dover, OH, we also provide the best pest-control services to surrounding areas, including Canton and North Canton, OH. Please feel free to submit a Residential or Commercial Service Quote online today!


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